Basic Components For A Start Up Business

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

-Milton Berle


Today’s generation is now full of creative ideas, some are brave enough to make those ideas come to life like the business they’ve always wanted to build. Sure enough, starting a business and franchise in Ontario can be scary but with the right people and enough knowledge, then everything’s possible.


If you’re one of those people with creative minds and wanting to start up a business, make sure to know everything about business-related topics. To start up and guide you through, here are half of the basic components of a complete business plan for your startup company or business:


Executive Summary — This type of basic component is, to sum up, the aspects of your business.


Company Sketch — This is where you get to describe your company, give your clients or audience an introduction to your company and its notion.


Trade Inquiry — Here, you get to provide your industry a picture and the position your business will be within the larger plan.


Market and Rivalry — Starting up a business is not all fun and cool, the reality of opening up your very own business starts right away and when you are unarmed then fallback. This is where the type of basic component takes to play; upon starting a business, acknowledge your competitors and your share in the market. Know your place but don’t remain small for long.


Blueprints and Intention — This is where you get to investigate your rivalries and the market you are currently in, look for possible strategies to solve every problem that may occur in the future and set a goal on how you want your business to grow.


Merchandise and Benefits — What are you selling? How can it benefit your target audience? Your products and services should match the conclusion of your strategies and goals.


System and Management — This where you get to present the ones who run the show, the management and personnel. If your company is into something complex, then separate it into sections would be the best.


With a creative mind, it’s only right to put those ideas into action. Turn your dream of having your very own business, into a reality! Let these basic components guide you to becoming professional businessmen or women.

Easy Eats for a Lazy Day at Home

Having a day off work is automatically a day we dedicate to laziness. We transform from being hard working individuals to being a couch potato who only eats cereals for the day. The stay home activities will always include binge watching, being wrapped up in a blanket together with some fashion sexy plus size swimwear and surrounded by pillows, and only getting up to eat and drink. Make your lazy days worthwhile with these three easy eats you can make while you’re enjoy a day at home!


Mozzarella Sticks

You will need egg roll wrappers, string cheese, one egg, vegetable oil for frying, and marinara sauce. Place a mozzarella stick (string cheese) in the corner of one egg roll wrapper and begin rolling from the bottom. At this point, you may sprinkle italian season if you like. Create an egg wash with a beaten egg and a couple tablespoons of water. Brush each mozzarella stick with the egg wash. Fry in vegetable oil until golden brown and serve with marinara sauce.


It’s one of the best kind of finger food and you can make this again if you have friends over. Add other kinds of finger food and buy some cold drinks to keep the party going.


Spicy Butter Popcorn

Level up your normal butter popcorn and give it a little spice with Sriracha. It’s not that hard to make this and this will surely be a great movie buddy. You just need 3 tablespoons of canola oil, ½ cup popcorn kernels, 2-3 tablespoons butter, 1-2 tablespoons sriracha, and 1-2 tablespoons kosher salt to taste.


Get a large pot and coat it with canola oil. Pour in the popcorn kernels, cover and set stove to medium-high heat. While waiting for the popcorn to pop, melt the butter and stir in the sriracha. When you hear the first kernels pop, begin shaking until all the corn is popped. When you no longer hear some popping, remove from heat and transfer to a large bowl and drizzle some salt.


Now go back to being a couch potato and watch that season 8 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S while enjoying your spicy, buttery and salty movie snack!


Nutella Brownies

If you have a sweet tooth, this easy eat treat is for you. This is a snack best for Nutella lovers as well. You will need just three ingredients: 1 ¼ cup Nutella, 2 large eggs, and  ½ cup all purpose flour. Just preheat your oven to 350F and then grease a 9 x 9 baking pan. Add all ingredients into a large bowl and mix until batter is smooth. Pour into baking pan and smooth top with spatula. Bake it for about 15 minutes. After which, make sure it’s done by inserting a toothpick. When it comes out clean, it’s already good. Let it cool and enjoy!


Not only will you satisfy your sweet cravings, you’ll still have some until the next day. You can take it to work and share with your officemates. It’s the best dessert after a full meal.


It’s not that hard, is it? It’s easy, delicious and perfect to top off your ultimate lazy day. At the end of the day, you can actually say, “In terms of procrastination, today has been wildly successful”.If you ever feel guilty about days when you aren’t productive, always remember that there is nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes! and being classy wearing plus size jumpers and rompers.  

Fashion obsession in Nature and in Dress

Our innate nature to dress ourselves beautifully has evolved in so many different ways. We may have not noticed it, but our ability to mix and match things is different from what we really are from the prehistoric era. Given the fact that our ancestors dress themselves for a protection against the harsh weathers, but today, we dress ourselves to gain popularity.

Unfortunately, our generation today, has this mindset that whoever may have the most expensive cloth has the tendency to impress other people while in fact you can bought some from cheap clothing stores online. This kind of thinking we have has caused us to be obsessed at something that is useless. Why useless? Because instead of investing your money for your future security or even for charity works, you end up spending all of it for your collection of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Actually, when you love something, it is not bad, however too much of love is not love, it’s an obsession and anything that you’re obsessed lwith is definitely bad. Too much has never done well to anyone and trust me that would lead you too.

Although, we have different dreams that includes collecting and buying ourselves expensive fashion apparels or some engagement rings for women, but this does not change ourselves from becoming abusive to our extent of purchasing one. Of course, I have experienced this one, where in I came to a point that there’s nothing left with my current salary, because I bought everything I adored before, and I was regretting for it. The clothes are beautiful; however they’ll just be worn out, especially if I would gain weight. I have realized that if only I did not spend all my money, I could’ve gave it to someone who badly needs one, so what I just donate some of I bought to an orphanage. Even if it is costly, I did not felt any regrets about it, because I know the person that bought some plus size bathing suits and I have shared my blessings is in need of clothes for protection.

We have let these “things” controlled us, and that is why the result is very disappointing, even though we are the most intellectual being in the earth, when it comes to obsession, it alters everything

Fashion Blogs for Men You Should Follow

More time is spent on following list of women’s clothing stores, lady fashion bloggers and drooling over their killer black pumps and rompers for women, leaving us in the shade when it comes to knowing any male bloggers who have just as much style and remarkable content. The world of male bloggers gives the same amount of style tips and inspiration for men’s clothing & style that are begging for people’s attention.


Bryan Boy

Bryan Grey Yambao is a New York-based Filipino fashion blogger, socialite and business. He successfully made a name for himself starting from being an online-diary keeper and transformed to being a celebrity and fashion insider. You may have seen him in big projects like in several seasons of America’s Next Top Model”.


Scout Sixteen

If you want to explore life built around style, let Scout Sixteen be your guide. The brilliant mind behind this lifestyle blog is Justin Livingston. His passion for style was said to be born in Mississippi and bred in New York City where he now lives in. Expect to discover new things when reading his blog because Justin spends his time scouting anything new for his readers.


I am Galla

The one whose style is classy with a touch of vintage, that’s Adam Gallagher. You would read a lot about travel and lifestyle, as well as menswear in his blog. He has a wide audience reach with over two million followers on Instagram. If you check out his account, you’d understand why.


The Houndstooth

This is a DC fashion blog that provides its readers a male perspective on the fashion culture of DC. It is said to be the equivalent of NYC’s The Sartorialist. It was featured in Refinery 29, Scent Truck, and Man of Many.


Oh Anthonio

Anthony Urbano is an NJ native living in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Having a background on structural engineering, his blog is where he can make use of his creative juices. It’s a creative outlet for all his other interests. In his site, you will read about his perspective on all things fashion, lifestyle, food, women’s fashion trend items like jumpsuits and rompers for women and as well as travel.

Fun Facts About Shoes You Probably Don’t Know

You can never have too much shoes and silver engagement rings for women, they say. The shoes someone wears is the make or break item to the whole outfit. Wear the wrong shoes, and your whole outfit becomes a zero out of ten. We should always wear the right pair because it can say a lot about us as a person. But how much do we really know about shoes though? Here are some fun facts about shoes that you probably don’t know.


Did you know? Sneakers are called sneakers because its rubber soles did not make noise which made it good for sneaking. Right now, sneakers became a trend as part of the athleisure fashion that everyone is loving.


If you’re a big fan of Louboutins, you probably know that the red sole happened because of an assistant painting her nails red. According to some online sources, when the prototypes of Louboutins arrived, it was good but still lacks something. So he looked around and saw an assistant painting her nails bright red, so he got the nail polish from her and painted the sole red. This iconic shoes is now every woman’s dream shoe to add to their collection of women’s clothing.


The popularity of loafers owe it’s fame to Audrey Hepburn. The actress was seen wearing loafers in one of her movies, the 1957 film “Funny Face”. She made wearing loafers look good on women as it is worn by men. The loafers are slowly having a comeback among millennials to give a vintage pop to a classy or even casual look.


If the addiction for gadgets leads us to buy electronics online, then addiction for shoes also leads us to the nearest shoe store and just buy the latest design even if we don’t really need it. Shoes are a collector’s item, they say and a woman’s addiction to is to buy tankini swimsuits for women it is said to trigger an area in the brain’s prefrontal cortex called the “collecting spot”. Whenever something makes us happy, the brain tells us to keep buying and collecting these items.


There a lot more facts where these came from but that’s up to you to research more if you’re interested. The next time you go shopping for shoes, always remember that “good shoes take you to good places” so choose wisely!