Fashion obsession in Nature and in Dress

Our innate nature to dress ourselves beautifully has evolved in so many different ways. We may have not noticed it, but our ability to mix and match things is different from what we really are from the prehistoric era. Given the fact that our ancestors dress themselves for a protection against the harsh weathers, but today, we dress ourselves to gain popularity.

Unfortunately, our generation today, has this mindset that whoever may have the most expensive cloth has the tendency to impress other people while in fact you can bought some from cheap clothing stores online. This kind of thinking we have has caused us to be obsessed at something that is useless. Why useless? Because instead of investing your money for your future security or even for charity works, you end up spending all of it for your collection of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Actually, when you love something, it is not bad, however too much of love is not love, it’s an obsession and anything that you’re obsessed lwith is definitely bad. Too much has never done well to anyone and trust me that would lead you too.

Although, we have different dreams that includes collecting and buying ourselves expensive fashion apparels or some engagement rings for women, but this does not change ourselves from becoming abusive to our extent of purchasing one. Of course, I have experienced this one, where in I came to a point that there’s nothing left with my current salary, because I bought everything I adored before, and I was regretting for it. The clothes are beautiful; however they’ll just be worn out, especially if I would gain weight. I have realized that if only I did not spend all my money, I could’ve gave it to someone who badly needs one, so what I just donate some of I bought to an orphanage. Even if it is costly, I did not felt any regrets about it, because I know the person that bought some plus size bathing suits and I have shared my blessings is in need of clothes for protection.

We have let these “things” controlled us, and that is why the result is very disappointing, even though we are the most intellectual being in the earth, when it comes to obsession, it alters everything

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